E-commerce App Loop Pro

[PAID] E-commerce app [main app + Admin App + Delivery boy App]

Loop pro is the upgrade version of the loop app. and on kodular no one have the features like this app.

:infinity: Loop Pro
:infinity: Loop Pro Admin
:infinity: Loop Pro Partner

Some of features as below:

1. Main App:

  • In this user can review the product as well as they can submit the rating for this product too.

  • For the product like cloth, shoes, etc…user can select their size, colour. (In admin you will get option for it)

  • User can track their order from My order section of the app. And user will get the notification of their order too.

  • User can mark the product as the favorite. and they can see their all favorite product in the My favorite section of the app.

  • User can make the chat with admin. and for some keywords i setted the messages. and user can send the images from gallery and they can take photo from the camera of mobile.(For trial you can use the keyword like return or fault, Thanks. if you want then you can set this keywords and messages).

  • Otp Verification while registration

  • Video intro screen

  • On dashboard you can see the move to top button once you click on that, then you will automatically scroll to the top

  • On menu when user will click on the number then system make automatic call. and when user click on address then map related app will open.

  • you can add your app on maintenance whenever you want from the admin.

  • Update popup will visible when update is available.

  • Professional search option.

  • Add to cart option (Delete all items from cart or one by one)

  • User Profile

  • Forget Password

    Forgpt password

  • App will store the cache (Second time product will load in 0 sec)

    Store chache

  • After shopping cart become empty.

  • Notification of order with app logo

  • once user click on notification then you will redirect to My order screen

  • Security Features

  1. User cant bypass the app by activity starter
  2. App will not work for rooted device and ADB system
  3. Data encrypted
  • You can add unlimited category on home screen

  • You can add unlimited images in image slider

  • Push Notifiaction

2. Admin:

  • Dashboard (Total users, Total Pending orders,. total completed orders, total earning)
  • Add product
  • Edit product
  • Orders in four stages
  • Chat with users
  • Others (Switch maintenance screen, update popup, push notification without opening the onesignal on browser)
  • Verify the partner account.

3. Partner:

  • Splash screen

  • login and registration screen

  • Partner will see the status of their account if admin reject his account then he will get the message like your account rejected, if admin approved then he will get message like your account approved.

  • After account approved he will see the nearest order to him.(If you want to test the parner app then use this details
    Mobile number: 1234567890
    Password: [email protected]@)

  • Once partner select the order for delivery then he will see the order details

  • Once partner reaches to the home of the user then he need to scan the Qr code from users app fro that particular order only then the users status will mark as delivered.and the QR Code has secured details)

  • He can see the profile of him, in this he can see the details like how much he earn and like that.

  • Screenshots of the Main App + Admin App + Partner App:

Updated Version:

Loop pro Apk File:

Loop Pro Apk

Loop Pro Partner Apk:

Loop Partner

Loop Pro Admin Apk:

Admin (Only For interested people)

PM me if you are interested

Loop Pro is just starting from 𝟲𝟵𝟵₹ With an exciting offer.

For pricing and all the details visit here. In this package you will get the Aia of main app, admin app and partner app and guide documents. In this i used 1 paid extension if you want that feature then you need to buy this extensions. and other details you will get here.If you wanted to make the promo video like Loop pro then i also will made this for your app PM me for this.

Download AIA Store Official app

Loop App:

Compatible With Kodular Fenix Update


Great app @Earn_Money_online
BTW, Add a feature of locating Service boy


Nice App, good ui.


Awesome UI… I like the way you develop it.
Good keep up the good work.

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Nice app and UI is awesome


Another great app by @Earn_Money_online


Congratulations, Great Job !


Great :ok_hand:Nice work !


nice job can u tell me how much no of screens you have used in your app ?


Database ?


Airtable and firebase.


Great work. Keep it up

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That’s a complete professional app. Amazing :100:

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Loop Pro Updated Small Minor Bugs are fixed. Link updated in original post.


I updated the price of loop pro please check it out click oin below link:

App updated, update version: 1.2A.3 Chocolate

Updated Log Of Main App:

  • After buy from cart, cart become empty

  • User will get see app logo in notification (Notification will work in background)

  • Once user click on the order status notification they will redirect to My Order page

  • Minor bugs are fixed

Update Log Of Admin:

  • bugs are fixed

Nice ui. .

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I want to contact you, I don’t know how to send PM I’m new

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Click on @Earn_Money_online’s profile pic, you will find a message button.
But for that you need to be on Trust Level1.

Till then maybe @Earn_Money_online can PM you.

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New Major Update For :infinity: Loop pro Version: 3.0 ( 1.2A.4 Chocolate )

  1. OTP verification while registration

  2. Forgot Password option on login screen

    Forgpt password

  3. Security Features added

  • You cant bypass the app by activity starter ( @Enderman Thanks for testing this feature and your feedback)
  • App is blocked for rooted device and For ADB System
  • Data are encrypted
  1. Unlimited category on home screen

  2. Unlimited images in image slider

  3. Storing the cache

    Store chache

App Updated in main post.