E-commerce app loop

[PAID] E-commerce app [main app + Admin App + Delivery boy App]

:infinity: Loop
:infinity: Loop Admin
:infinity: Loop Partner

Features in main app:

  • Professional UI

  • Maintenance Screen [ If there is any technical issue with your app then you can easily switch on maintenance screen dynamically ]

  • Directly BUY option

  • Add to cart Option

  • Search option

  • Banner on home screen

  • My order

  • Myprofile

Directly Login Details on app :

Mobile Number: 1234567880
Password : 12345

Here is screenshot of the app:



Admin app

Features in admin app:

  • You can see the total users on the main app

  • Total completed order

  • Total pending order

  • Total amount earned

  • Block or unblock to user the user

Delivery Boy App:

Name of the delivery boy app: Loop partner

  • Total number of delivery near your city

  • Delivery boy profile

  • completed orders

  • Total Earning

E- document for to update the aia [Language : English]


10$ (If you have any budget then PM me)

New Update (Some Bugs Fixed)::new:
Loop 4.apk (10.0 MB)

Admin apk file:
If you have desire to buy only then

Delivery boy apk file:
If you have desire to buy only then

Loop pro app:
In this you will get all e-commerce app features.


Nice App, UI is Very Intresting. :heart_eyes:

75$ :roll_eyes: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

nice work… great UI

75$ is too much i only can afford upto 15$

Then pm me

Nice one, keep it up

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You should decrese the price. I am not forcing you its your choice. Btw good work


75$ (If you have any budget then PM me)

If you have any budget or if you have any fixed amount and if you want to buy only then pm me

Price updated, please check


Just tried your app. Nice UI. But it loads very slow on a slow speed internet (~200KB/s).

On which screen its take time

Screen showcasing products.

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If there is 4 products then it take 2 sec and if there is 100+ products thwn it take 8 sec in my device.

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App updated please check it out.

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You should add also sizes for clothes or shoes. There is a bug when a product with 3 images load and after a product with only 1 image load the other 2 images doesn’t reset and it displays the images from the previous product. Also when you delete all the products from the basket the number next to the basket in the main screen doesn’t disappears.

This is not a bug,
First thing:
you talk about that 3 images, this images coming from the database and i not change that images yet i keep same image to all the products that’s why its look like that

Please dont complain about the price, think also the effort of the developers, or some paid extension used, $25 or $75 is very cheap than buy some full package app from App Makers or paying a monthly just for an app, $25 or $75 is very reasonable price… If its a whole company, with users and datas then it can goes more than that. Don’t purchased if you can afford.

Hope it wont hurts anyone. Just saying
" “Do not correct a fool, or he will hate you; correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.”

Anyways man, dont know you but… superb work!


Awesome job great app :heart:

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Nice App. Good Job. $75 is very much cheap regarding this type app.

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