Professional Aia Store app

You mean app data. Right?

Yes, right,don’t use 1234467890 or like that number it will be blocked because you can’t spam on app as per policy of app

You are not even checking if the entered text is numbers or not??? Just check your database, there must be some random symbol appearing in mobile number field for my account… This is a basic check which you should validate while sign up itself…

If you are genuine then you will not do like that stuff, and i am here to check what user are writing . If user will registered like this is symbol then I will blocked them. And if you fill to make this then I will update it in next update

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I am just an user of your app. And I can enter whatever I want once the app is in my device.Don’t you feel instead of manually blocking the users, there should be a way that your app automatically validates this?

Ok, I will update this in next updtae

I dont know whether this is a problem or not, but this note for Paid .aia remains visible in Free .aia until the images are loaded.

this screenshot is from fantasy app like listview, it is a free aia but it also showed the Note-

when images loaded it went back visible to false.

I got this when my internet was slow.


If this paid only then you can see this noten unless not , yes if you not connected to internet then you face this problem

i make the changes in app please check it out.

How you create this awesome search function please make tutorial or provide .aia file please


stay tuned on aia store app, i will make the tutorial on this topic

New Update in aia store app. apk file link available in first post. please check it out.

Twitter like app also updated in aia store


How do you create this please tell

And make tutorial on you created search function in this app


Ok, i will

I will make the tutorial on it , in soon so go to the YouTube channel . If you want channel then you get the channel link side menu of the app . He has Eid I mentioned my link here then I get spam that’s why.

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I’m waiting


I’m Steel waiting :rofl:

have a petitions


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