COVID-19 app [Co-health]

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Co-health app COVID-19 app

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This app was made for MIT hackathon 2020. so now i releasing this here.this app contain following features:

  1. Live Update of corona
  2. Virtual corona test
  3. Prevention
  4. Blogs
  5. Professional UI


App Store/Download link:

Cohealth.apk (7.8 MB)

AIA file (Optional)

Not available

More details:

If you want the more aia like E-commerce, Youtube like ui, Movies app aia or more
so download the AIA store app now in free of cost


Ui is really awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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u used api

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I test app and it’s just amazing :+1:t2: good use of lottie and as you implement share option and put playstore link but playstore didn’t approve this type of app. And improve test report method

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I tested your app it looks amazing but every time i open the app this error pop ups many times:

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I think he didn’t implement api for united Kingdom that’s why this error comes. But for me in india it works successfully


May be it would be like that…I thought he use api that get for all the world…Any way the app looks great…

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Thanks for your feedback. i will solve this in few days but can tell me your device used VPN? and what your device name?

No, this api is for world wide.

ok, i will. Thanks for your reply.

No it doesn’t use VPN…

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It’s name is Lenovo k8 Note…

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Dark UI ;-; :black_heart:


can you please send me all the airtable database link for co-helth

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Oo sorry, i thought he pm me, i was in hurry i not see he posted this on community.