Covid-19 tracker india application


Corona virus cases and death report in detail live mode no backed need to update all is dyanmic updated every sec using api


App Store/Download link:

Covig19India (1).apk (5.9 MB)

AIA file (Optional)


How can I download the aia file?

If the creator wanted to provide one they would have done so in the opening post under the bit which says “ AIA file (Optional)”.

Do you want this app AIA file

let me know how?

I have made my own version and I want to share the idea
this is the url, in that you can see all the countries and you can see the country code that interests you

this second url is for global information

To handle the response, I have used this extension

In the first url, I have handled it like this

In the second url, I have handled the response like this

I have also used the textutils extension to format the numbers

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Nice work.

Excellent! great work!

Hey, I’d like to learn more about this idea, could you share an .aia file with me? Thanks!

This is something I did to use it myself, so it surely has many things to improve and that should be corrected.

but with pleasure I share it, because that is the idea of ​​the forum

coronainfo.aia (103.9 KB)

Thanks, It’ll help me with intergrating API’s!

I Want This Aia Can You Give Me?