Need help on this type of Gridview for Movie Streaming

Hello koders I saw this discus but I don’t real know how @Earn_Money_online did on this type of GridView
Please some help me to know how


Also with this
Please if someone gets time I am kindly asking for help on how I can play arround with blocks to create this

Thank you in Advance

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I had provided the aia inside the Aia store app for FREE. Check it

Well I have tried to take a look on it but I realized that, it is not what I need completely because on Horizontal Scroll you did something manual while my videos are stored on the Json list and I don’t real need horizontal scroll instead I need Vertical Arrangement scroll in 3 GriedView

only like this
Please someone help me with this function method

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Well but I am getting stuck since I can’t add some texts over those images

I wish this extension could have more features to add texts and buttons

You can edit the photo and change frame and add text otherwise you can buy recycler extension