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Hey Koders, So I’m showing some html code in a Label. so what is want is if there is Any hyperlink in Label, So it will highlight and when we click on that will open in a Webviewer or external Browser.

Have you searched community :mag: ?

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Well i tried this but

this is my label Html Text

<h2>Hello World</h2><a href="">Visit2</a><br><a href="">Visit2</a><br><a href="">Visit!</a>
Get 601 Corresponding Error

Then you have to use one label for each address because when label click you can assign only one url to activity starter. There is no way to detect which link is pressed

here is the extension

Well thank You @Earn_Money_online but it only detecting not clickable even after checking clickable to True.
I tried same html code as previously mentioned.

Will text ever change in label so you must detect links ? If not, create a card view, place inside 3 labels and when each label click open corresponding link

Yes Basically i will show some html codes in label from database.

What about using WebViewer instead?

its clickable too, who tell u its not clickable test my app i has been used.

download this and then go to the news section you will see its clickable too.

So why its not working for me? I thought it will work on apk i exported but still not working. Can anyone Give me a simple aia that works.