Wallpaper app 2 (Free) (Animations + Search bar)

WallP: Wallpaper app 2

So, this is my wallpaper app experiment number 2. I am giving away this aia completely free. Anyone can use this aia for commercial use or modify it. Please mention me or about my AppDev app if you use this aia. :yum:

No paid extension is used in this app. Categories are dynamic in this app, means you can create or delete any category you want from airtable.

You can also check out my other apps or can buy my apps & extensions from AppDev: Aia & Extension store


Extensions used


App Store/Download link:

Google drive

AIA file =

Download my app AppDev to get this aia completely free. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Airtable = Sign up - Airtable



Very Clean UI, Good


thx :smiley:

Great Job!! Nice UI

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Impressive work! :+1:

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Really good ui

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How do you get the images quality heigh when you show the wallpaper preview

use HD image option under advance in screen settings
also try to use image async load component from utilities


Fix your app


I don’t know why some users facing this error, but this issue occur only in older devices and only 2 users including you told me about this issue.
Maybe some expert can tell us about this error. :thinking:

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Using Image to Chache extension , Nice UI


I can’t download it through the app. When the download finish, the file get deleted inmediatly…

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Look for AppDev folder in downloads OR directly search wallpaper in your storage

This is the problem… @Amit_Narwal

I want to put only 1 image per line instead of 2. How can I do it?

Delete The Other Arrangement and Blocks Associated to it.

I don’t find it. There are a lot lot of blocks :cry::cry:

Delete The Arrangement From Designer Screen.
it will Delete all the Blocks Related to it.

But it can Delete some Necessary Blocks to.

The problem is that the arrangement are dynamic… so I don’t know what are necessary or what no…

i will tell you after checking the .aia in morning as it’s very late here.

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