Wallpaper app 2 (Free) (Animations + Search bar)

Oh ok… Thanks

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This error is showing … when I try to add more images in Airtable. How to solve this?

Debug your blocks with Do it , your list has only two items. When do you receive this error ? In which screen ?

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it loos like you did something wrong in air table while adding values…Maybe you can show your air table data?

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Could you help me now please (if you are free)? :blush:

Sorry i am buisy attending online lectures till 4pm.
will contact you after that.

Ok. Don’t worry! Thanks!

@JaviR3TicS now i am free you can PM me.

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Find this block in screen2

replace this block with

Find this block in Screen2 and remove verti2 as shown in image

Now search for this block and go to it’s bottom and change values of height and width


please show how you are adding values in Airtable

i already did the same for him.

But it’s good that you respond to user Problems.

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thx for the help :blush:

Sry I can’t respond earlier, I was very busy in other projects

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I recently update my app, please check in new version that you still getting this error or not?

Problem exists also in the original aia provided by @Amit_Narwal . The first time you open the app, if you go directly from first category to the last one, animals to travel for example and click on an image you get the error. I believe it has to with the global list variable and how data is added from airtable. If you pass every category clicking one by one and go to the last one no error occurs

See behavior here - Google drive video

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There is no AIA in the application.
Will you put the AIA here?

Yes there is , see

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I download the flat file .aia
Can you mail it to me?

It would not be better to send a PM ?


Hi, did you update the app? Maybe you are facing that issue in previous version.
In latest version whenever you download something from my app, it will be available in Downloads >> AppDev.

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I just updated the aia. This issue is solved now and DevYB’s image extension is used in the updated aia for fast image loading.