Wallpaper App - Amazing UI + Animations - 2 Million+ Images - Amazing Features

Wallify is a very simple and precisely designed app, powered by Unsplash Api, that lets its user to download amazing and outstanding HD images free of cost. Users can search through over 2 million+ images and download any image they like.

Overview Of Features

  • Amazing UI Design
  • Animations
  • Completely Responsive (Images resize automatically according to screen size)
  • 2 Million+ Images
  • Add to Favorites
  • Apply wallpaper directly

and much much more


Download App
Download the app here : Wall.apk (6.7 MB)

Buy AIA File
To buy the aia file just pm me. 10$

Your feedback is highly appreciated as it will help to make the app more better. So please let me know in the comments. Thanks


All the screenshots are gone:
But the screenshots was great :+1: Just try changing the font :wink:
EDIT: they are now okay


The Images are back :grin:

Looks good, UI can be improved.


Which font
The bold one or the light one

Make sure to give it a try and let me know what should be improved

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The monospace one in only specific images like this one:

, anyway, it’s a personal opinion :grin:

I tried different combination but ended up with this combination.
My main concern was to make the design to be almost same on different devices and I think I have achieved it

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Just test it, Looks great :heart_eyes: but as i expected, card views doesn’t look well on my device :sweat:

It because the margin looks different on different devices. But its almost same i think except for the bottom card view

Whats your screen size

Nope, see the navigation bar below:

Resolution : 1080 * 1920 , 5.2 inch

Yes I have mentioned it

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Hi @zainulhassan
Your app looks awesome​:ok_hand:
UI is also nice…

Just 1 advise: Plz don’t add a background

as in 2nd Screenshot

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@Mohamed_Tamer Try it now : Wall.apk (6.7 MB)

You must keep the corner radius of Card view 25 if you want rounded corners. Then that issue will not occur in older devices.

I have set the corner radius 25 and the height is 8%. I checked on three different screen sizes it worked perfectly I don’t why it happened on Tamer’s device

App is nice but there are still some areas that need improvement

  1. You are showing a dialogue before the wallpaper loads. But some times, even after this dialogue gets dismissed, the three dot loader is present and then after wallpaper appears.
    So don’t keep users waiting twice.
    Dismiss your custom dialogue only when the wallpaper loads completely. Make sure, no loader is shown after your custom dialogue.

  2. When we select any wallpaper to preview, then the wallpaper preview should be shown in fullscreen, so that user downloading that wallpaper has an idea of how that wallpaper will look once set in their device

  3. I have liked the wallpaper, and now I want to add it to favourite. How can I do that?

  4. I am currently on active mobile network. But when I try to download any wallpaper, it gives the error related to network connection.

This are some points that I would like to suggest you after a short use of your app.
I will notify more if found

the image also didn’t expand. its very strange :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Still the same problem :confused:

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I will try to figure it out

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You need to download it to add to favorites.

You are right but the dialogue is related to get data from web. It doesn’t controls the loading of image.