Guide: Wallpaper App

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Bru Wallpaper App means 1000s of Images.

And with your method it means 1000s of Buttons
And 1000s of image Component.

Wallpaper Apps are Made Dynamic using Dynamic Components.

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i liked it wallpaper app
7 star
cool app

it depends on him coz he is making app for himself :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Don’t get Offended.

What if i want to add one more image to my App.
i need to push a update for the App.
And what is in tha Update - Added one new Wallpaper.

Dynamic Components will require few 100s of codes.
And then it’s your choice,
Even you can show zillions of images.

You need not to update App every now and then.

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let it be slow he can upload images slowly like
adds 10 img in a day
and if u can add good UI guides to then i will like it a lot

oh my god thats too much i think a person can add that in his life time
i am not Offended.

He made a Guide.

Even pushing Update to App Every Day is not Good.
That’s too when you can simply avoid it.

And what about the App size increasing Drastically Everyday.

Yes i am making one.
Wait a Little.

i think he can keep on adding and do updates after 2 months
it is best to leave all on him coz it is his app

Uhm… This is just a sample app so you all understand the basic fundamental.

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ya true ur choice he gave u guide at least u can add bit

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Nice, but for full wallpaper app we need to use dynamic components.

I am also working on a wallpaper app
If anyone is interested to see a sneak peak

Here 😁


your looks like pinsert thats why i like it but it this topic was for code references

so it was gut but if u could tell about your app ui

Let’s not go off topic here. You will get to know when I will publish it.



u can do it

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why did my post get flagged ?

Don’t know, strange :thinking:

I think that is because the guides must be a little more complete. There are other guides about wallpapers apps that are more complete than yours.


This is guide for set wallpaper not for making full wallpaper app. And this information is also available on docs so i think you have to make a unique guide.

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