Wallpaper app (Modern look + Like system)

WallPaper app

Wallpaper app with modern look and like system. I also added dark & light mode for easy use in dark.
To make app look cooler & to have a full view of the app, I made Status bar & Navigation bar transparent. [Thx to this post for this = Transparent status bar and navigation bar with content behind]

No paid extension is used in this app.

You can also check out my other apps or can buy my apps & extension from AppDev: Aia & Extension store



999 OR $ 17 [Price is little high in $ because of the high fee taken from Paypal]

App Store/Download link:

Google drive

NOTE: In case of any doubt or if you find any bug or if you want me to make an app for you :stuck_out_tongue:, then please dm me :slightly_smiling_face:


what do you mean by dm?? I think you meant PM

dm = direct message
pm = private message
both are same :wink:


wow, this might be the best wallpaper app so far

keep up the good work

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thanks for the support :blush:

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Nice Application.
Best Wallpaper Application

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Please tell how to you make dark mode system

thx :grinning:

on settings screen when I choose dark, I saved dark in tinyDB. And when I choose light I saved light in tinyDB.
Now when I load a screen first I see which value is saved in tinyDB and according to that I change color.

Please make tutorial or show your block images for understanding.
I try in my app but it’s not working perfectly so you can please show me your blocks images of dark mode

I will try to explain it as simple as possible

whenever you load a screen or app, first of all check if tinyDB is empty or not. You have to check this everytime you load a screen. If it is empty then load light mode content (like light background, dark icons & fonts, etc). If tinyDB is not empty then simple load dark mode content.

Make a separate screen to change modes or you can add this option in the one of your screen also. Now when user selects Dark mode, then fill that tinyDB with some value and when user selects Light mode, then delete that value from tinyDB.
If you add this option in one of your screen, then after selecting any mode reload the screen.


I really like the UI. Keep up the good work

thx :smile:

where i get free wallpapers for my app?

You can use Pixabay Api for free wallpapers, just by giving then credit in your app.

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how to use pixbey api in our app.

You can search in Community about using api.

give me link.

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How do you created rounded bottom sheet

it’s just a card view