Video status app (Using FB as storage) (Free)

You can use Facebook page or group to store your videos and you can use those videos in your app. So basically you can use Facebook as a storage with no limitations. Use any database to store those videos links that you have uploaded on Facebook.

This aia is totally free. But please mention me or mention about my AppDev app if you want to use it. No paid extension is used in webviewer version of aia.

You can also check out my other apps or can buy my apps & extensions from AppDev: Aia & Extension store

Method used in this app is based on amazing tutorial given by Muhammad Usman (Ottoman) .

[NOTE = If you upload any copyright video or videos that are not allowed on Facebook, then Facebook will remove it.]

Screenshots =
Using Deep host’s Exo player =

Using Webviewer =

Demo app =
Using Deep host’s Exo player = Google Drive
Using Webviewer = Google Drive

Download link =
Because Deep host’s Exo player is a paid extension, so I can’t provide this aia. Instead I am giving aia with Webviewer, which you can download from my app = AppDev


Great :heart: @Amit_Narwal broo

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Good Work :heart:

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i have exo player extension how can i replace webviewer with exo player

@Ottoman are you on YouTube ? Can you make a video tutorial on it ? Cuz till now I failing In making it :joy:

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if i upload this app am i get any strike or violation ? @Amit_Narwal

after publish the app, how to update each videos links on app ?

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I don’t think you will get any strike on your app

Use a database like firebase, airtable, etc and store your links there. You can change these links from these databases then

There is an error when I open the app it closes immediately

May be Because the extension is used is before kodular fenix now you need to upgrade the extension in order to use it

Any extension: This is TaifunSharing
Or this: DevYBImageLoader
Or this: DynamicComponents