Access WhatsApp statuses on higher versions of android

A lot of koders struggle with the issue of accessing WhatsApp status in higher versions of android because you can’t simply access that by using any file tool extension. So… Here comes the solution, Thanks to @vknow360 for his SAF extension.

Aia: saf.aia (30.3 KB)

Thank you :sparkling_heart:


Not Workin… application Closed Automatically with This Blocks

Good approach however incomplete code.
Download latest beta aix from repo:



Still After taking permission app closed automatically

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@vknow360 Is this working?

It closes automatically

It was working for me.
But it may not work for everyone since uriString has been hard-coded in ListFiles method.
You can replace both text blocks in ListFiles with uriString variable.
I have updated the image.

Ok will try this

@vknow360 Thank You!! :heart_eyes: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart:
Now its working Good :heart:
But now there is two issue.

  1. When ever we will open the app then every time it will ask for permission
  2. Its getting the images but some time its showing blank card, Please have a look on attached Screen shot

You can use your logic to ask for permission only once.
Remember it is a guide. It can only explain a particular feature and so asking anything out of the context is not a good practice.

Check logs, you can find something useful.

Ok ill try my self

@vknow360 I solved that 2 issues but now i have to get the videos but the problem is i am unable to get it

This error is showing on

This is the blocks

It is not possible to directly load videos into video player from uri.
You’ll have to copy video to asd.

Okay so have to use this block

I tried but i am unable to do it :cold_sweat:
Can u help me to do it

You forgot to mention what error did you get.
You didn’t show your blocks either.

the error

i used the block

Are you sure that CopyDocumentToASD accepts a list?
This happens when you try to copy-paste.
SAF is a complicated things so that won’t work here.
You’ll find few examples in this topic:

Can u make a block how to get videos?

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