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Hello I created an app for video status app but need some help. Now i am using Cloudinary for storing video and airtable for getting data to app.

Each video is 5 - 6 mb Now it’s take too much time to load. when i think to use firebase the allowed download is 1gb for a day that is not good for me.

1gb storage for a month is good but total downloadable size 1gb is not good for me.

Give me some suggestions to load Video Fast.

can i use other free hosting sites to load video. if there is any free best sites give that names

Sometimes in life you have to pay if you want it fast.


will you sugest a platform with payable

You can use discord if you have only 5-6 mb video files but you have to copy link manually

sure i will copy link manualy is it faster than other sources

You can check yourself, if you think its faster you can use it otherwise you need to purchase hosting.

is the link is like this

when i use that link it , i can’t playvideo in app it says unable to find chanel

Hmm. I know cloudinary gave low limit and but it’s bandwidth and speed is high

any trick to load faster than this

:sweat_smile: No trick .Try to improve your internet speed .
Use your hosting Paid (and fast) . Because you got unlimited bandwidth for that so users experience a good video experience

wich is the best hosting platform with less money

I don’t know buddy i have only guide you

This is a hard one to do with small budget or no budget at all. Watching a video implies downloading it, and recording equals uploading. So you are talking about a lot of bandwidth which is not cheap (free will be an impossible utopia really). So you will need to do what every starting business does, which is investing in your tools and resources. If your app’s projected income is higher than the cost of the videos hosting server, then you have a successful business plan. If not, start playing with the numbers until you at least break even. But like I said, videos bandwidth is hard to find cheap, even harder or impossible to find for free.

can i use web hosting servers

It depends on each one. Some will let you but I guess they will be more expensive. Usually they don’t allow image or video only traffic. But may be there’s some that do. Google for video hosting options, may be you’ll get lucky.

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Maybe your internet is too slow or you didn’t do it correctly.
Try this app , this is just made using discord links.
DiscordVideo.apk (5.7 MB)
Videos are loading very faster in my device

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As an example, this is what Vimeo offer you for $900 a year. I know it sounds like a lot but it’s relatively cheap for all the features they include in that plan. I don’t think it can get much better than this:

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It will cost him 67,640.26 Indian Rupee

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  1. which data base is used to get video url.

  2. max file size of video used i the list