Retrieved Data from Airtable using Dynamic Components, takes time to show while jumping Screen1 to Screen2 there is black screen

I just retrieved data form Airtable on my “Screen1” splash screen and stored it on TinyDB for one-time use. (whenever the launch it will erase the previously stored data). Data load very smoothly no error occurs. Now when data load and store in tiny db it is time to show it on Screen2. The problem is here. It takes up to 20, 30 sec to jump on Screen2 to show data.(Screen remains black while jumping Screen1 to Screen2) After showing data there is no problem in working. I am showing my data using Dynamic components likes (Dynamic Card, Dynamic Label, Dynamic Image). My data is up to 100 or more.
So, there is any solution that my App doesn’t take much time from jumping Screen1 to Screen2.
I’m giving AIA file anyone please make amendments.TestApp.aia (47.8 KB)

Show less at 1 time.
The more stuff you have the longer it will take

How to do that please could you make it easy for me

At initialize load the first 10 or 20, whatever amount you think is sufficient then have a load more button or timer to load the rest.

I want to load when someone scroll down so automatically load more icons there should no need for timer or for any button. but how this would be possible

Maybe try this extension:

By using this extention am I able to show data in this shape

Ok so maybe load 18 or 21 at a time and when bottom is reached load 18 or 21 more.

You know the problem is what . the problem is I don’t know how to use blocks if you can make it for me I’ll be very much thank ful to you. Everything is ready just need amendament

AIA is given

It’s 1am I’m going to bed soon but I’d gladly do this tomorrow for you for $50USD an hour.


Ok thank’s for your precious time I think this community helps as “FOC” but you are setting your rate. I don’t need your help good bye

People might help you for free but they won’t all do your work for you for free.


So you are seriously expecting someone to do the whole work for you for free?

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everything is readymade. I don’t know how to remove black screen waiting time when jumping from Screen1 to Screen2

Anyone there to help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Just be patient and wait if someone is willing to help you.


Anyone who can help me

I’ve also experienced the similar issue and that is a very bad issue in Kodular.
You can put a Splash Screen.


It works really fine.

Try if this one work WizularTestApp_copy.apk (6.0 MB)