My app take too much time to read data from Airtable

Need some advice or help.

Three screens are there, Screen1,2,3.

  1. Screen 1 after 2.5sec automatically open screen 2(like Splash screen but not)
  2. Screen 2 should read and store the ‘device id’ and store the details asked to login in the spreadsheet, after that it should open screen 3 even in 4g network also.

The App task completed as per my wish.

Again after the app opened by user,

  1. Screen 1 after 2.5sec automatically open screen 2.
  2. Screen 2 should check the “device id” from spreadsheet, if it is there in spreadsheet, it should automatically open the screen 3, without asking the login details again.

Now the app is complete.

"But now the app take too much time to read the data from Airtable to open the Screen3 from Screen2.

Please help me.Previous question and solution regarding the same app

U r doing almost everything wrong
U r using one screen as splash onther to get device id and then third one to get data
U can easily perform these taks in only one screen by using vertical arrangements as screens

And as far as your low data loading concernes
R u using images, videos and cloudinary for storage???

Second r u calling all the data at once???
If yes then u should follow this

And provide above asked details so that we can understand your problem in a better way to help you in a better way

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First Screen is Splash screen, second screen is to get data.
Third is just a vacant screen.
Every thing is in second screen

Set all Screen on screen 1 with vertical arrangement. Need only 2 vertical arrangement.
1 App Start show splash screen (vertical arrangement1)
2 At the same, get all data you need from airtable while showing the splash screen (vertical arrangement1)
3 When you get all data from from airtable. Hide Splash screen (vertical arrangement 1) and show the result (vertical arrangement2)