Want to make "One Time Login App with Spreadsheet"

I have created an app for one time login with data stored in Spreadsheet. But I failed to complete. Please help.

Three screens are there, Screen1,2,3.

  1. Screen 1 after 2.5sec automatically open screen 2(like Splash screen but not)
  2. Screen 2 should read and store the ‘device id’ and store the details asked to login in the spreadsheet, after that it should open screen 3.

The App task completed as per my wish.

Again after the app opened by user,

  1. Screen 1 after 2.5sec automatically open screen 2.
  2. Screen 2 should check the “device id” from spreadsheet, if it is there in spreadsheet, it should automatically open the screen 3, without asking the login details again.

This is the things I want in my app.

Error in my app: In screen 2 it did’nt get the device id and a progress dialogue box is rotating and it did’nt close to enter the remaining details.

Attachment: blocks for screen 2 , aia which I completed.OneTimeLoginTest.aia (299.6 KB)

Thank You,
Please help if it is possible. Show me the error.

Hi @Arun_Singh, welcome to the community!
Replace got row with got column.


P.S: @Arun_Singh if it works,mark my answer as solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank You Mohamed_Tamer. I will replace and update you.

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There is no replacement like you said. Sorry.

I haven’t understand you :thinking:Get column can’t get block.That’s why it isn’t working for you.

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Have your open that aia file. Plaese change it and sent back if you dont mind.

I have rectified it you can check out


OneTimeLoginTest.aia (299.6 KB)


OneTimeLoginTest.apk (5.7 MB)

here is the edited one
BTW, i’ve edited a minor bug you have in screen one.Your screen will keep opening every 2.5 minutes
OneTimeLoginTest (1).aia (300.0 KB)
EDIT: i haven’t notice your post @CJcorp
But still this is the answer:


And don’t say nothing is their if someone say to do/try some method because they tell only if it is their and possible to do like @Mohamed_Tamer said
Want to make "One Time Login App with Spreadsheet"

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let me check it, i have got one data like abcd, goa, 123…

Sorry, I am a beginner and I am working the same error for the last 4 days. Thank You

That’s mine data

And mark @Mohamed_Tamer post as solution as he also identified and bug in your screen1 and rectified it also so his post is the solution

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You both rectified but he give the post with explanation. I dont know to whom I should give mark.

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