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I created a chat app with Google Login option on the Screen 1 itself as an invisible component. However, it doesn’t show up like it is supposed to.

These are the blocks for the Screen 1:

I am also attaching the .AIA File for your reference: onlineChatting.apk (7.7 MB)

Kindly let me know where is the big as everything seems fine to me.


Just installed it and can’t go forward from Splash Screen. It seems there is a problem with your spreadsheet database.

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Hey! I think so too.

This is my spreadsheet:

Delete empty rows.


Hey! Thanks @asimjib93 nd @vknow360 !

AIA File (updated) : onlineChatting (1).aia (799.5 KB)
APK: onlineChatting.apk (7.7 MB)

Let me know what more can be worked on.

I thing you missed one more blocks " is in list =True"

Not necessary because these blocks either return true or false.

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Is this working for you? The APK?

Yes it’s showing.

After tapping on “Login with Google” and then selecting my Google account, nothing happens for me.
Where is the bug? Everything seems fine in the block section.

As per your block, if spreadsheet fails to create a row, app will not take you to the Home screen, even after successful google login. Hope you get the problem.

You mean this one?
Seems fine, I guess? It will show the Successful Login Alert and then open new screen, which is Home.

But it seems spreadsheet never getting value 200. It means, no rows are created on database. That’s why the rest of the code will not work.

Should I replace this block with “is true”?
blocks (1)

Please help

Print response code on label and show result here.

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Since first part is not working, second part should work. Show the response code that Notifier returning.

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