Laggs Issue - Project Shows "open-ing" & "sav-ing"

i noticed since few weeks, kodular isn’t working properly. project takes long time to open, if its open it too much lag issue just showing loading" & "saving.

i clean my All SSD.
256 SSD
4GB ram
10 Mbps speed
3.2 GHz processeser

check with window 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit - 64-bit)

no virus in the PC no anything.

for you information, i didn’t import projects. i make my own since screen1 to screen 7.
blocks 1000 only = 1 app = 7 screens

i always wait for night to work but i go sleep just because of this issue. i am so sad and worried. please fix this please i request you. please kodular is very heavy site please make it easy for us. we love kodular.

first of all, use simple character in post (title & desc) other wise your post can be deleted.

and second thing is which browser you’re using for kodular?

I unlist this. Use only letters from the English alphabet.

Sorry please.

Dear, i tried using in Opera, Chrome, firefox, Brave, Edge.

sorry please. sorry again. please help me in struck in project since 2 weeks my kodular isn’t working properly. i work really hard to work on diffirent projects.

I think Your app have so many screens so it takes time to load depending upon your internet speed and this is my own experience i made a books app and i have made total 13 screens and 1 screen for each and my internet speed is 50mb/sec but still that project takes more that 15 minutes to load and i also have more than 1000 blocks . And after some time i removed some screen and made the whole app in 5 screens and now it is loading very fast.

currently i have 7 screens in my project. but with same laptop and same internet speed and same week i made App with 21 screens and around 3000 blocks. it worked well for me. seems issue is with connevtvity with kodular servers.

do you know when kodular will release new update? many of us waiting for the new lag and bug free release.

should i make project on 1 screen only? i use hide & unhide arrangements? will it solve the ussue?

you can check this by making any app first in less screens and then making the same app with more screens

Don’t know, seeing this when will fix these things, they should give a software offline, through which we can work that’s why it takes a lot of time to load assets.

please kodular increase comission but please fix bugs and errors and this lags. please humble request please boss fix it. you are engineer can find solution. ok thanks kodular team thanks.

Can you say what are you trying to make?
I am also developing complex apps with more blocks than you stated here, and haven’t faced such problems before.
Please share some more information, so we can help you solve your problem. If you think there is a bug then share more information like, screenshots of your blocks, extensions you are using, probably the .aia file so admins can find it and fix it as soon as possible.

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i am not using any extention. see its simple 7 screen app.

boss i am making app which have around 500 components like label arrnagements and image component & buttons and 1000+ blocks.

its app which support Pakistan all network data and call package activation.

Don’t refer to people as boss.

Your language is confusing and is not easy to understand.

Your title is also not a proper description of your issue provided the screenshots are what’s actually happening.

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i have found the solution,

The solution is to have your AIA file should not be loaded with bunch of Components.

simple is ; your .aia file should not be larger than 544KB when exporting. means it will 12MB if you export as a .apk. 20MB app will be so heavy it will cause lag & your .aia will be 800-900KB.

so better is keep you .aia file lower than 550KB for smooth working on kodular. make screen as much as you want but keep your project lower than 550KB or keep your apk lower than 12MB. your 13+ mbps apk or 600+ kbps will lag more & more.

we check it and giving suggestion carefully. we install many windows xp, vista, ghost, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 also we check with 32bit & 64bit + we replace HDD with SSD we added Ram we increase speed of internet , we switched to different Internet 3G 4G networks. we tried up to 46Mbps and still found lag and we also tried using Kodular with Paid VPNs and we checked with 10s of servers. we tried each and every browser available in market but still found lag and slow loading drag drop problems etc etc.

solution is :- time to time while building .apk keep export your project in .aia. till it isn’t reach the level to 550KB. stop work when it start exceding than it.

we can only request kodular to please do the need ful.

thanks all.

That’s absolutely not true. aia can be much bigger and kodular can build larger apks. Also saying that you can use as many screens as possible is not true.


yes really but as per info: kodular cant build apk larger than 20MB. so i discribed the limit of 12MBs and till that your project will work smoothly. after than it will cause lag and slower to load pages/screen and components.