I created a big project on kodular and now its taking so much time to open it why?

I am not able to open my project and its been two days. Every time the kodular site say in loading. I really need help because my project deadline is coming.

Retry After Clearing Your Browser History And Cached

Not working…

Which Browser Are You Using

Mozilla Firefox

I Am Using Chrome Browser It’s Working Fine For Me I am Also Working On Biggest Project As 1 Screen Of It Have About 1,000 Blocks

It’s My Own Opinion To Use Chrome Browser I Suggest You To Try it Ones

Ok… Chrome browser is saying unresponsive page and in my project there is 83 screen.

There is no reason why you would need 83 screens. What exactly does each screen contain?


There’s your problem. :grimacing:


OMG You Don’t Know The Limit Of Screen Is 10 To Better Perform

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I am making a project of educational purpose and in the project there is lot of content are available of different University that why its is so big

Your Can Also Show All Content In 1 Screen By Using Of Arrangement As A Screen


What kind of content? PDFs? Websites? You can group common data into single screens (for instance, all websites can be shown in one screen; just load the url using blocks when the screen is opened)

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How is there any videos or website available for making them in one screen

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If You Want To Re Create Your App Then It’s Take Your Lot Of Time

I Think An Easy Way Is Available To Get Back Your Project

Simply Download The AIA Of The Project And Edit It With Any Zip Extractor And Divide Your Screens With Different AIA And Use Them By Copying And Pasting

Happy Koding

My project is not opening how will i download my aia file. I don’t think kodular site is good for making app

It’s Your Problem Why You Are Created Many Screens , You Should To Read The Forms Before Start


Kodular Is The Best Way To Create An App Millions Of Apps Are Created With Kodular Including HD Games Etc… Everything Is Good When You Understand The Method Of Use


It seems to be, you missed the basic general recommendations of making an app…
see especially tip 1 here


How to go back with start value??
back pressed with start value need block help