The project stopped without saving anything

Loading message appears for a very long time
When I close my browser, I lost a lot of work, I cant complete the project :confused:
finally the project stop saving any work

Here, it´s Ok.
Whenever you complete a routine in your app, save the aia on your computer.

@Rogerio_Rios, how r u
A lot of blocks not saved in aia file

Did you save it in your backpack?


The backpack, at the moment, can help you not lose your new blocks. :thumbsup:

Does it happen everytime. If that is so then there might be problem in you internet speed.

No it’s happening in this project only

Projects that I have encountered with long loading time were usually due to too many components, to many/big assets, don’t know if it is related in your case but since you don’t show much how should I/we know…

That it doesn’t save can also be due to much text in foreign characters…


You can check your respective internet speeds maybe the speeds are slow at your side

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hi @Boban how r u
I will tell you some numbers about the project
aia size 3.09 MB
apk size 9 MB
all user interface with the Arabic language
about 50 Arabic words in blocks
any other project has no error ( error not related to internet speed.) I think,
duo to aia size, I think assets is not big
I can send you the aia to take a look
thank you

i sent aia file pm you :frowning_man:t2:

AIA size is not the problem. I have many projects way bigger that this and never encountered this problem.

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any other project has no error ( error not related to internet speed.) I think,

Don’t try not to want to find the error. Try to find him. It exists. Make a list of the attempts you have made. Here in the post already gave you suggestions. Please list them and try again. If in other projects you are working it is because that project contains something different and that you may not remember what it is. Disable some blocks, extensions … you can do it.

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Ok, I will try to do this :+1:t2:

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I did a quick test, it’s loading and saving as it should, I did even duplicate some of your procedures to see if it will save and it does…

Added +800 blocks to your project and it is working…

It might be your internet.

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I think we get bad internet service from internet service providers in Egypt, unfortunately
I will call the ISP and discuss the problem with them

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most of the times this happens to me…I have added lets say 50 or 100 blocks and the loading error comes and at the the bottom it shows not saved. If from the project option also I select save project still when reloaded the page the new blocks are not there as well if i save them to the bag sill not there when the page reloads.

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Disconnect from the Internet, then reconnect again, then click Save. The project will be saved. This is the solution to this problem for me