Kodular slows down, Kodular slow

For a couple of days I have noticed that Kodular slows down a lot in its work, compared to some time ago. Moving code, researching components takes a lot of effort with the mouse. Can anyone give me an explanation? Thank you


you are right! i tried loading my few projects but it took alst an hour to load project but Tab got hanged in the middle.

Cannot reproduce with 41 blocks in my test project. How many blocks do you have in yours?
Note that the more blocks you have the worse performance you’ll get.

It is not caused by the number of blocks. As a test I started a new one with 0 blocks. Any activity with Kodular is very slow. Even with the test project being deleted, writing the project name was painfully slow. What should be done ? Thank you.


Yeah, same here. I thought it was my large project, But, seems like everything is loading slower than usual.

Even after loading, the refresh rate is very slow. Click something and have to wait for few mins… very very annoying

@Kodular - Please do something to resolve this issue.

Kodular, Your everythings are corrupted now except getting premium.
Dont know why you are not taking it serious and updating system.
You just Update the getting premium which i think is useless and disgusting.

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Same here. I thought it was from my side, my browser chrome, but not, it is from kodular side. They must do an answer quickly. We are premium user and they promised a rapid support.

Now, it is the time that Kodular staff shows why it is better to have a premium account.


if no body is online then only moderator will help you. you pay to kodular but you get help from moderators.

its fee to use community???

This is another point to improve on Kodular. We should be had a direct communication with technical support.

You haven’t considered that the fault could be on your side as well, such as poor internet connection…

P.S. Unable to replicate this behavior at my side for the last 1h, 12h, 24h or 48h+

In my case, Kodular is highly slow when I use the right button over any component, or I make click to change the option of componente, or if I want to change the one component for another one.

If this situation is reported by various user, it is a general situation, not from one user.


Everyone who has complained in this thread has bad internet and so do you…

P.S. You are using the slowest web browser and which consumes a lot of resources

How do you know if my internet is bad or not. I do not think that my internet connection is bad.


I have always used this browser and Kodular creator editor has worked well. But now, not. What browser do you recommended me? I will test it and check if kodular is faster…


I think everyone here should attempt to clear their cache, or try using another device.

@Boban, @WatermelonIce, and I can’t reproduce the results that are being reported.

hello, I have the same problem since today, my application was created several years ago in kodular without any problem, but today when trying to modify it is impossible due to the slowness of the platform. On Friday the platform worked without any problem.

try this


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i completed an app having 18 screens and no extension my app is working very slow why?
please help me suddenlly working very slow please help me ill give my aia file who will slove i want to update in my play store

why not to try with virtual screens instead of this much of screens… And no surprise for behaving slow… It would be common only…

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is there any other option please help me

Try with Virtual screen… It mean you need to modify your app a lot