Kodular slows down, Kodular slow

i cant modify because getting very hard to edit screen and blocks i dont no im doing first time 18 screens suddenly slow working live test working properly but edit its very hard please help once get fast ill chaange to Virtual Screen
Thank you

No one can help in this issue dear Koder… So sorry for that … Some time we need to accept the pain for the better growth…

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ohh anyway thank you for giving your valuable time and reply

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same problem am facing from yestraday i dont why its very slow lets see what will happend

But i didnt face any problem, working fine.

for those with issues try this


in firefox it works without problems, thank you very much

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Wow, what a great tip!
Using Firefox has greatly improved the performance of my block part.
Thank you all so much for the conversation!!

Had the same problem with chrome. Now using firefox works much better

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Hi @username02 , what about you helping in the community to answer questions? The job of a moderator actually is not to answer questions, moderators usually keep the community up and running… the community itself is responsible to answer questions… including you… it would be great to see your contributions more frequently in future…



moderators have no contact with Kodular staff? if have,
then please call them and ask them to fix the issues.

thanks nice to meet you all.


I have the same problem, Kodular was working normally when it started getting impractically slow. My internet has good speed, all other websites and other applications work normally, even those that demand more data. It doesn’t matter if I change browsers or if I change the internet connection, the problem persists. It also doesn’t matter if I open an app from scratch or what has already been done. I spent days making an app and now, before it’s finished, I come across a dead Kodular. Impossible to keep up with my work.

Something interesting happened to me about this problem, I was using the chrome browser and the platform worked normally until the problem of being slow. So I switched to using Microsoft Edge and everything temporarily went back to normal. But it didn’t take a couple of days for the platform to slow down again even on Microsoft Edge.

Now I’ve switched to Firefox browser, and it worked fine, but I’m not confident it will last long, as it did when I switched to Microsoft Edge

Is chromium based as Chrome is and thereby same thing.

What is your latency.

P.S. mine is 2ms and if you have +50 bad bad bad

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

Kodular’s work interface is slow, it is difficult to drag the icons, it is difficult and slow all operations in Kodular. I’ve tried different browsers, the internet has good speed, the APP INVENTOR works normally.

Steps to reproduce the issue

I start Kodular Creator, and the whole interface is slow, as if the computer has no memory

Expected Behaviour

Get it back up and running as before, with no operational delays

Actual Behaviour

As reported above

Show your Blocks

It’s not the case

Android version

It’s not the case

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Hi, I went through this I solved it using Mozilla firefox with browser

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please respect the community language. use english in title so anyone can help you. thanks