App stuck for few seconds while initializing screen

My home Screen Stuck for 3-4 seconds while initializing there are many arrangments in my screen and there are about 700 blocks any solution or fix for this

Can I know your system configuration that is how much ram your computer or laptop have and which processor is there ?

You have used copy paste the arrangenment.
Actually, if you renamed it mean you won’t suffer like this… i hope you have missed the continuty somewhere due to this names…

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I use pc Ryzen 5 3600 [ 4.2 Ghz Processor ] with 8Gigs of Ram
My pc don’t stuck but my apk stucks after installing

My is also same but it never lags :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So May be you have added many screens

Will my problem fix after renaming layouts ?

But this was a problem for copy then kodular won’t have added that it’s never causing error to me like that

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We are sure not without seeing your complete blocks, but I feel it will be solved

Let me check after renaming layouts

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Dear @Aditya_Nanda , i think you didn’t get my point. See his blocks how many copy paste is there, when you crossed few items then you will see the name as vertical arrangement copy copy copy.

So while writing algorithm , i am sure, there will be lot of chances to mis match the blocks

In my mind i feel to show the layout of VA1 but due to this method i might have added VA10…

Once he renamed, he can check his blocks, and if he designed the way what he thinks in the mind and if it come out but still it laggs then we could analyse

Also it be easy to cross check the blocks if it gives any error

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Yes for kodular creator it can be but I am saying in view point of a working app not website

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No, the more arrangements (components) you have the slower it will get…


Oo Means @Still-learning was right thanks @Boban :pray:

So you are saying we can’t build complicated or something different type of app

You have to learn how to reuse your components…

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Also have read this topic.

If you have added most of the arrangement with kio4gradient while screen initialize, then no solution is there… I felt, you have used this much of arrangments instead of screens …

My suggestion will work unless you have not linked with any kind of animation or utilities…
BTW, this way also we can handle the arrangement s instead of screens

Huge difference is there between, arrangements instead screens and arrangements added with utilities /for designing .Do not try to link both


@Still-learning Can adding this extension make app slower?

If you load images seperately without qsync your app will rip

Certainly not because of the extension but if you add more arrangement with the setup then app will take time to set up for couple of seconds…