Kodular hanging

i am making a app with 3 screen and in that screen i have used 180+ vertical arrangement and now when i opening my project kodular taking so much time to open it.
i didn’t know why. is i have done something wrong or the server is not able to load my project.

You should optimize your app, but if you don’t show us how you put your app back on, we can’t do much

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Here is my aia file can you please check and tell me what i have done wrong.

No wonder it loads forever as you never mentioned that you had 400 labels, 1100 buttons in your project

Sorry, but this will never work in the long run



What is the maximum labels and buttons I can use in a project?

:flushed: Why?
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What is the alternative i can use and how many label and button can i use in a single page

You must have noticed at some point in your app development that your app was loading slowly and that something was wrong with it

Hard to say how many you can use

I took a quick look at yours arrangements, many of them are identical and my advice is to reuse those labels, buttons by changing the content of them instead


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lol but now unfortunately my kodular creator is not opening:joy::cry:

What did you do?


i imported his aia and website screen gone white
and i reloaded and it still loading
even i have cleared site data and cookies

Big mistake :joy::rofl::grin:, it took me about 5 min to load it


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it would take full year to load

anyone give me solution:frowning_face::frowning_face::cry:

Yes, more or less :grin:

If nothing else works, restart your computer


:grimacing: bro ok
why he did not mention that website was not loading ,my website is nt loading:cold_face::woozy_face:

finally loaded and i deleted project :zipper_mouth_face:

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He did mention that it takes a long time to load


He said "project":sweat_smile: