Black screen due to view Flipper images

I am making an app in which I have used Viewflipper component to show images .

Whenever I add images to Viewflipper and exports the app to test it, black screen appears and takes 10-12 seconds to load screen…

But when I remove images from view Flipper, it works smoothly

Anyone please help me…

(Images are not from assets but are external links)

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Try reducing image quality if that can be a option.
Load images asynchronously.

Cover loading time with a loading screen.

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I did not understand asynchronouse image…

Do I need to crop it…?

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Use Image Utilities component, it has only one block - Asynchronous Image Loading.

Currently your App now first load all images then open (reason of black screen).

But if you use Asynchronous image loading your App will First Start then will load Images One by One. Making app Faster or u can say no black screen.


You can also use this extension and use place holder till the image get loads and it also have caching na so it may be better.


Thankyou it even helped me.
I was also looking for caching images. :heart:


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