(Bugs) Image loading delayed in kodular new release

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

after new update of kodular , image in assets loading much more time when loading app start with another screen not screen 1

Steps to reproduce the issue

I created 2 Screen .
in screen1 , just create a clock and after 3 seconds ,screen2 is opened

Expected Behaviour

Actual Behaviour

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AIA file

test5.aia (307.2 KB)


Android version

Android 7.1. 2 Nougat .


this happens to me sometimes also, i havent checked new version, but in old version i have faced this problem some times.


its a very Awful bug. !!!
kodular team please fix it as soon as possible

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aslo i exported apk before and after this update , and now i see this bug!
only in image component!

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Your video shows that you test it with a emulator.
What happens on a real device?

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tnx for your response , same problem :wink: I also tested on samsung galaxy s8 edge

this problem is only with image component
insted of that i use button and set image on them to fix


I dare say it’s related


I have also facing this problem. Image load after 4 sec to 5 sec later after app start.


Its also a problem when using a real device. It happens not everytime but it can take up to 30 seconds for the image to actually load.

Source: A problem on my app too

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Before update, I am also faced this problem…


I’m also facing this problem. My app takes 8 - 10 secs to load the images. It was normal in previous days. But from today’s apk build onwards its lagging. APKs built in the last days works fine.
Hope Kodular fixes this problem soon.


same problem bhai

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@kodular. Since update my asset images don’t load at all!!! I wait a whole MINUTE and nothing! It’s a horrible issue! (with APK on real phones, not companion or emulator).

Disable HD images and try

How do we disable HD images?

Images are very small, was an issue before update that sometimes they would take a few seconds to load, now they don’t load at all.


Option available on screen 1 under advance options I think

But High Quality Images is default off.

We all need this problem resolve fast.

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We have nothing changed at the image component since more then 4months…

I still have the same problems, wether you changed something in the images or not. Perhaps you have inserted code that is processed before the images are loaded and it is big code that needs lots of RAM or so.