Blocks just disappeared

Some procedure blocks just disappeared from Vertical Arrangement while i was developing my app.
What should I do to get them back?

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

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All procedures would be listed in
Block Panel> Procedures Section.
I think you opened vertical arng blocks but you should open the procedures block panel.

1.Refresh Page
2. Clear Cookies and Cache Data of the site.
3. Check internet connectivity
4. Use another browser.

And This Is the Procedure Panel.

I think you you had a poor connection and the Kodular Creator wasn’t able to save your changes. It occurs because the server can’t save changes until you have a good connection.

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Thanks you all for anwsering me.
But what disappeared was those “call” purple blocks and that’s what i need to recover.
Even if i open another project it’ll not be available.
Is there something i can do instead of deleting everything?