Error 500 generating APK

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic and I didn’t see the Error 500 for the APK download

Hello User, Staff,

Describe your issue

I cannot access to the APK generated after to get the link with the QR Code. The page I got is “Kodular is currently unavailable Error 500
An unexpected condition was encountered. Our service team has been dispatched to bring it back online”.

Steps to reproduce the issue

I create a project. I go on export. I choose the first option. I get the QR Code. I use my phone with QR apps to get the link. I get the link. I go on web page and copy past. I get the error message above.

Is it a temporary issue that you are already aware ? If yes, when do you think it will be solved ? For information, I also try to download directly the APK : it indicated the file is generated, but i download never start.

Thank you for your help !

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try to close all open tabs in chrome, then try again, because its working for me

and also use kodular companion for download apps, when you scan QR of apk, it will take you to web for download

Thank you @ImranTariq for your quick feed back.

I close Chrome and reopen it. Then I tried two differents option, but I have still the same issue.

Option 1

I regenerated a new APK, I got the QR Code. I used my Kodular companon to snap the QR Code. Then It opened the browser. But I had still the same issue :

Option 2

I used the same QR Code that I regenerated in option 1 . Instead to use my mobile to snap, I click on “here” to download the APK

Then it opened a new window, and I got the same error in my computer browser :

Any idea where it can come ? Is it possible it come from performance issue ? Do you need more information to check where can be the issue ? Thanks

then i think problem is with your ip , try using download apk to computer (the option below Qr code for download) or use click here option on generated Qr, lets see what will behavior of that


It’s possible that it’s because of this:

…If it is because of this, you will have to wait until issues on Google App Engine’s side are resolved. To view details about the GAE outages, click here.

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@ImranTariq I tried the way you show, but it is not working. The application APK file is generated until 100%, then the browser try to do something, but I never received the messge asking where to save the file to download, as I could get before.

@hammerhai I believe you are right. I see some evolution on Google Cloud Status this morning, but the issue is still here (I tried without any result).

I will wait the issue is fixed. Or do you know if there is another alterntive to generate the APK file (except the companion, download with QR Code and download in computer) ? Thank you.

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Based on the google cloud ticket, the incident should be closed :

I have tried this morning, but I got the same issue (error 500). I have try to connect with a VPN (Browsec VPN - plug in of firefox), but it doesn’t solve the issue. I still got error 500 using the QR code or the link.

Can you generate a demo.apk and post the link here

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I created a new Project Demo and I generate the APK : I can got the file :

So I came back to my project, and I tried again, but I still got error 500. Here the link :

I got the same error

May I ask how big is your project? either is too big or something else is wrong with it

Some information to help to resolve issue :

  • It is just the begining, so it is not a big project for now (4 screens).
  • There is no error on the block side for the 4 screens.
  • extension installed : PedrozaGlide and ChartMaker.

when I generate it seems it is working because it loaded until 100%. So it is strange that he cannot create the APK file.

Yes that seems to be very strange, one and the last thing I can offer is if you PM me your aia so I can try to generate the apk from my side

After investigation with the help of @Boban , the problem is that I overloaded the application of more than 32 Mb of pictures.

Reducing the size solves the issue.

Yes this was an weird one, as your aia was only 1.4MB and I didn’t look closely at your images being 1.2MB each (x38) :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


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