Error Occurred in the USB connection

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

I am not able to connect the kodular companion through USB.

Android version

Are you sure you searched for this?
Because I think the second and third topic describe your issue. You could also better post in those threads and not open a new one :wink:

are you using extension?? It may happen because the project may created in old version, did you search community before creating topic??

no extension using. And my problem is not view in the kodular community. And This project is created recently about 4 - 5 days before.

No, Problem is still not solved.

Sorry, but since you joined you got a readtime of 38 min all in all. Maybe you understand why I don’t think you spent much time for doing a big research in this community.

I suggest you to test the starter connection here and share the results with us

You say me that to test from . I had tried but the same problem occurred but the test shows alright.

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