USB Companion (Bug)

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

While connecting companion with USB. The browser generates an Alert for a bug.

After reporting a bug it says thank you. and regenerates alert multiple times, that many times report a bug. and finally, it gets connected.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Expected Behaviour

Immediate USB connection to the companion app.

Actual Behaviour

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Android version

9 PKQ1.180904.001
MIUI 11.0.3.

i never tried this and may be this is a temporary error, you may go for wireless method of companion until someone get note of the problem

After 5 bug reporting event USB companion connects properly. But don’t help for events like “Open Another Screen” (only one problem identified yet). On wireless companion method, everything works well except the time requires to refresh the companion. On USB it’s quick and easy. So USB is preferred.

the USB companion may be faulty just to make sure try once from incognito mode and add the result in main topic