Little bug in companion

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

When I am working in the companion, I show a notifier. But when you press refresh in your PC, the notifier will never dismiss whatever you do. All I can do is close the application and open again.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Call/show a notifier (not alert), press refresh companion screen or do anything to let it refresh

Expected Behaviour

Notifier should be dismissed (or be able to dismiss)

Actual Behaviour

The notifier stuck and never dismiss until I reopen the companion app and reconnect

Show your Blocks

There’s no need to show blocks.

Android version

Android 9
Oneplus 5T


That’s bc if a notifier is opened and you refresh the screen, the notifier will freeze afaik. idk either.


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Yes, i think all notifiers should be dismissed when the companion screen is refreshed.


Yes, I think that too, but it’s the reverse thing: they stay open and cannot be dismissed after the screen (in BG) has changed.


Set notifier dismiss to true and close notifier before refreshing app

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