Open Another Screen (NOT WORKING)

I am on screen1 and trying to open another screen with the name “Main” on a button click.

But nothing happens.

On-screen Main I have the following:

Just two rows and four cards.

So I even tried using the procedure to open a screen and close screen.

Nothing is happening.

Help is needed!

Thanks in advance.


And you are connected to companion and live testing

Yes. using USB connection for testing on android companion. Is there any problem while using companion?

Probably usb connection that is faulty, never used so I can’t tell if it works as it should

Dear Boban,

Thanks. I tried installing the apk. And found no error. I think there is some issue with USB connection. (Works perfect on wifi) Because always and every time, I try to start the Test via USB, browser shows alerts and bugs reporting multiple times. And finally it connects successfully.

And this happens for all projects. Old and New. No difference.