Cannot open screens from Sidebar menu

So I am trying to build my first multi-screen app and I can’t seem to get hold of this.
I created a sidebar menu, added icons, and everything works well except when I click on the menu. The notifier fires up and pops an alert but “open screen” doesn’t work. It won’t take me to the new screen. I have been looking for answer for 2 days but can’t seem to find any.

Please check my code block if it has some logical error :pray:

YOu have added close screen block in a incomptible mannar

I removed it still not working

also remove close screen blocks that is in end

@WolfxPac , you must check first what your title variable contains…
Print the title variable to a label text then post here what is it returning?

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Did you test with Companion? If so, try with the APK.

I am using USB to test, I will try to install the app.

Thank you for the suggestion, It does work when installed.

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And open screens this way:

Okay I will do that.
Thanks again.

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