Companion Problem while switching screens using Mika's method

I am testing an app and when switching screens using Companion, it go the next screen and return to the previous one quickly.
I’m using a right method to switch screens (according to the method demonstrated by Mika in the community) and when I install the apk on the phone everything works perfectly.
This problem appeared after the last update. Has this happened to anyone else? :thinking:

Did you update the Companion?

I switch screens this way and it works in both companion and generated apk.

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Hi Ken and Fabio,
Thanks for the help.

Yes, I updated the Companion.

And I’m using the same method as Fabio, but creating a process and calling it.

I created a simple project with a button to change between two screens and the problem persists. I also tried with projects already published and found the same situation.
Any other ideas?