Why my app with 1 screen don´t refresh, it´s close Companion

I have an app with 1 screen + 1 side menu and some vertical arregement.
Every time I change something in the Design part, The Companion is closed. So I have to connect it again. In other apps with more than 1 screen, this is done instantly. I change and then a refresh is done and already updates the app. I put another screen (with no function inside it) as a test to test if it would work. Did not work. What can cause this problem? Is there anything I can do to prevent this behavior?

Read the description of the side menu blocks
EDIT: Should be read instead ready

@Mika, You want the side menu blocks, okay?


you need to open the menu with a button while using the companion.

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The menu opens when I touch it with my finger (normal behavior). It opens normally.

Read …:slight_smile:


Ohhhh …read != ready :laughing:


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