Companion it turns off by itself

someone is having problems with the partner, every time I make a small change it disconnects or closes

Just to confirm.Have u used side menu layout component.or the screen side menu block?

Happens when my Project is Large or i can say it’s not Small.

In different projects it happens to me, some of a few blocks and another of more blocks, those blocks I do not use, I use horizontal or vertical scroll in one project and in others it is only screen 1 and a few horizontal arrangement

That’s always a connection problem, ad @ADDYLIN said it happens when you have large blocks OR large assets / many components .Also that happens when you create side menu on screen initialization ( companion only ) or adding side menu layout component and side menu screen block

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I provide a project that has horizontal layouts, 4 labels, and two buttons and it disconnects itself.

That may also a network problems,And sometimes the server goes down as well.That may be a problem two,

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