Companion frequently disconnects.... Is it my app?

Hi All

I notice my connection to companion drops quite frequently

Is this indicative of something wrong with the app or is Companion known to do this?


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It’s depending on your App, Internet Speed and Kodular Server.
If your app has to create dynamic Components or similar on every Companion Refresh it can disconnect over Time.
If your Companion is crashing while not editing, it is your Internet or Server Speed.

There are some topics about disconnects over the last time so I think it’s the Server Fault.

Thanks, thoughts so but being new, I wasnt sure


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Ya, I also face a lot of trouble in this… Companion automatically disconnect frequently,… even If I have 5mbps internet speed… It may be a bug in server or so… Any Staff member should take a look at this…:slight_smile:

Its a Common Problem in Kodular. I am using broadband but still getting this problem.


yes me too have so i stop using companion

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