Why Connect with companion never work perfectly?

I use “connect with companion” option on my phone using wifi connection from same phone. First everything works perfectly but after sometime connection disconnect automatically. Now again I choose the option and scan the code (after resetting the connection using reset connection option), but most of the time it just stuck in between when it’s showing connection percent. After this it never works again, so I have to reload the browser/page to make it work again.


Try with a wifi router connection.
Sometimes there are issues with Mobile WiFi.


It usually happens to me as well, but it depends a lot on the internet you have and the pc you use, talking about the internet if you’re making a big application all those files should copy them to the cell phone, and if I copy them before you should check that there modifications , and for that you must have good internet, and the pc has to make the pc and cell connection and if it takes to check all the connection breaks not just kodular is so on any server, the detail of kodular is that it does not have a notification telling you to disconnect and one stays waiting for it to load

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It may be the issue of your internet. There is a option called “Reset Connention” use that. You don’t have to reload the builder again and again.

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yes Sometimes for me Also it create a little tuff time, like takes time to connect and sometimes doesn’t show any thing in companion, my internet is very fast and i tried with different net too, but sometimes work great some times its feel like a pain…

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Don’t have any but my mobile wifi works perfectly.

My internet speed and PC is fine (Speed = 4-5mpbs, PC = Ryzen 5 + 8GB Ram)

Exactly, there should be a way, maybe on companion or on builder to check whether it is still connected or not. Bcoz lots of time it disconnect automatically and I am keep on editing the app, but nothing happen. So I start looking at my blocks to see what is wrong with my blocks and at last I found that it is the companion, which is already disconnected :no_mouth:

Yes bro I use that but still it stuck in between and then I have to reload the whole page

only this do not define how fast is your connection

My internet connection is fine
Other users (in above comments) with very fast internet connection also facing this issue

well on that note, for me it work smoothly
even when i am at school(you can imagin the load on network moreover it is neraby village), i use kodular nox emulator simultaneously to test and it work good.

It involves many things that only the Internet, I mentioned it because it can be one of the reasons, as I told you there are connections simultaneously and if for example you leave the application for a long time the connection breaks if you pass sending a lot of data the connection breaks , is for testing, and it works as it should, if you had timeout notification or broken connection was great but to do that would use more resources example, send data to the app only when you modify, And to have a broken connection notification, you should be sending data always to know when the connection breaks that would slow the application to implement the changes, you have to work with what’s there

what if we able to test our app on server itself or using emulator like in mit ai. will that help?

I don’t quite understand the question, but if you say it runs on the same server an emulator was great but just think about the resources that an app would use and now think of many apps at the same time, and also bearing in mind that kodular is free , it’s something that I don’t think will happen as long as kodular is free, and I hope it still doesn’t everyone has the resources to pay and kodular works well like this

yes, I also thought about that after writing it :sweat_smile:
but this issue is now becoming a common issue bcoz lot of users are now complaining about this on whatsapp grps also

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Now I am facing this with resources which is very small. I am using only 1 screen 3 components (card view, canvas, clock) and these blocks

still facing this disconnect issue.

What is your pc’ architecture type- 32 bit or 64 bit?

If 64 bit download arc welder and than use (can’t guarantee, never tried)

Go to https://www.apkonline.net (Too Many Ads)Here you can upload your app to use that, upload companion here, and then connect

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I found that now days companion disconnects frequently then before (before = maybe before the eagle update). Everything is normal from my side (as it is)
[I even tried it on the same app on which I have tested companion before and there was very less disconnects, but now it is a lot more]
And lots of users also complaining the same on whatsapp grps. Why is this happening?

I think, it’s because you switch apps. At least, for me, if I switch to another app, the connection is gone.

Ya you are right after update this is happening

Not at all, my side it works as it should

well according to, I have seen that it is working perfectly only for few people. But majority of people still facing this issue.
Can you tell your internet speed and pc sepcs?
And is your app small, medium or big?