Companion Connection Error state = disconnected

I’m Getting This Text Couple Second After Connecting my Companion:
“Companion Connection Error state = disconnected”

I need Help.
I don’t touch the project, so it’s not his fault
I Also Notice if i turn off my vpn i have more time, and it’s not giving me that in certain cases
i have 30 mb connection on speedtest internet check

Same here. Disconnects me like every 5 minutes. What’s going on?

Which browser are you using?

Using Chrome here. But, I thought it is the connection between the kodular server and kodular companion app in my phone right? I didn’t know it matters what the browser is. But let me try Opera

i’m using firefox

I’m not sure, but I think Companion connects to Rendezvous to get user session and assets from current project, and then a WebRTC connection is established between your computer and your mobile device

But like I said, I’m not sure how it works

Ok, after switching to Opera, I believe it performs better. Either that, or the connection issue is fixed.

I can only tell you one thing, that message also appears to me, but many times the connection is not closed :thinking:

Can approve this also happens to me.

The same problem here is that it has become really annoying

Not really lost connection, but the dialog box shows that you lost the connection

Companion Is Not Working To Many Koders

But It Is Working Well With Me :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I don’t have this problem. I am using Chrome and didn’t VPN
I think this is not about the internet speed.
This error only shows when I close the companion by myself

The companion works fine for me for about 45 seconds before disconnecting. When I put my phone to sleep, it disconnects after a few seconds. I don’t know if the VPN is an issue, since I always use it.

Security is top priority

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What VPN did u use

If I sleep my phone it will also disconnect, so I keep the screen on and try not to switch screen.

now it is not working for me also

It happens to me too.

Same to me with

Companion for 1.4C.2 Eagle

Companion crashes with Network Error