Kodular Companion app always crashing

i’m new here but this days i’m always here… i spend a lot of time in coding an app
i faced a big problem with the app of kodular companion, it’s always stoping and i need every time to link it again (i use: conect to companion “i don’t use usb connect because it’s not working with me”)
is there any one faced the same problem and find a solution for this!
what do you suggest to me i can’t working without the live view of what i do: really this app help me…
thank you

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Do you have any other wifi around?
If I connect with my own wifi, it disconnects every minute or so.
If I connect with the open wifi my cable company offers to its customers or the LTE from my phone, it stays connected indefinitely.
Must be something in my router, I guess.

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i’ll try this: using a modem to contect maybe it’s will help me solve this problem

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This is not a big problem.

1.you need to give kodular companion all user
Permission .

  1. Some time wrong coding is responsible for this. You need to arrange all the blocks correctly.
    (If you face 5 second error in the desktop screen).

  2. Some comportment not work with companion app. so, this error occurs.

  3. Always remember to clean temporary data of the companion app .

  4. sometime network failure is responsible for the app crashing .

  5. disable battery optimisation of the companion app .

Yes , it is not impossible to say that there is a bug in the companion app.

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That would not cause your app or the companion to crash.

thanks guys for your replies
the problem is not solved but i still can using it to display my work at least

Check this out Companion crashes on Android 10
Maybe you using this component that crashes your companion. This component crashes also for me using Android 7.0


I have the same problem

I had the same problem and found the “Side Menu Layout” component that was closing the companion. I removed and solved my problem.


yes this happen is any blocks not match well