The "side menu" screen lock does not work

Use the side menu block that the screen section offers me, but when starting with the companion or the apk it crashes, it just closes.

I put this block in a process that is inside a timer:

Why do you need to put in a timer?
You can configure the side menu at a time, it doesn’t require to be in timer.

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Have you dragged sidemenu component on properties?
If you are using a layout as your sidemenu then you don’t need to drag sidemenu component on designer screen. It is the most probable reason of crashing your application.


I do not have it in the timer because yes, I have it because first I give it time to load some data that is very heavy and then if I generate the sidebar to show the data obtained.

I read that in the documentation and the worst thing is that I did not fix it, I was totally sure that I had removed it. Thank you very much for reminding me.

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