Close Screen then Open Screen does not work

Clicking on btn gives me glimse of next screen for a second but then control stays on current screen

If I remove close screen block, only then control moves to next screen

What am I doing wrong?

Blocks are ok.
Are you testing this in Companion? If yes, then this won’t work because companion doesn’t supports closing screen.
Try the same in compiled apk.


How to test apk

I always test with companion

Thanks so much
Yes I am testing in Companion

If you use blocks like this then it will work in companion as well


Boban, Thanks so much for reply

I tried your blocks.
I see some issue.

From MainScreen I can goto ScreenA or ScreenB
On ScreenA or ScreenB I have back button to bring back to MainScreen.

For both Back buttons i am using your blocks.

Now on mainscreen when I click on ScreenA , i see glimpse of ScreenB for a fraction of second and then I see ScreenA.

Now on mainscreen when I click on ScreenB , i see glimpse of ScreenA for a fraction of second and then I see ScreenB.

Is this expected behaviour?

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