Closing whe switching screen

I’ve been searching how to switch screens and I thought I found the correct way but no. I tried this but does not work for me.

This pic shows my blocks, basically I have a SideMenu with 8 buttons, each button is a link to another screen and the script for calling the screen. Whe I run the app on Companion or APK it closes.
Note: The tag “Close Screen” is not in the blocks but I’ve tried it too, this pic is for another test without that tag.

Thanks in advance.

And what happens on the other screen. What are you doing there?

Extensions, blocks, assets, size of assets, etc etc etc etc.

It’s just the same screen, I duplicated Screen1. The only thing I’ve changed is the event onClick for that first button. In Screen 1 the is the changeScreen event and in Screen2 is an openUrl with WebViewer.
Assets are the same for 2 screens. A very little set of icons and a plain html, just that.