Problem when reopening app

I don’t know for sure whether this is normal or not. Application looks normal when first opened. But after the application is closed, then reopened the application does not open, only flashing. After that it can be opened again normally. Is it normal?
Thanks in advance :innocent:

Block screen switching or close screen I use the following block:

Switch screen:
blocks (10)
blocks (11)

Close Application:
blocks (12)
blocks (13)


An eexample AIA could be helpful. Or you can try not closing the MainActivity while transferring user to another activity and exiting app.

Note: Not a solution, but a suggestion! You can check if it works.

main activity do you mean screen1?

Above code itself is not enough to find the fault.

Suppose if it is, then your app will open and close continuously

This is the right of opening Screens.


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