Screen flickers many times

Guys I am already tired of finding several supposed solutions, I comment:

When I use the application with the companion it runs perfectly, but when I use the apk the application screens start to initialize by themselves many times or it is as if the same window were opened many times, it starts to blink. Loading the same screen multiple times until it stops working. I already tried with other screens and also tried removing all the blocks, but still without blocks it passed. What can i do guys Help me please.

Are you opening other screens without closing current ones?
Are you saying this happens even when you have 0 blocks in all screens?
Show some blocks for your screens.

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If you are using clock(for some function like splash screen) then make sure you disable the same once the screen changes

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Friend I tried it having no blocks on the screen, the solution was to be able to all the screens in one. Maybe the screens were bug.

I disabled it when the operation finished

Is your problem solved?

If so, then mark your post as a solution…
If not, show your blocks for closing screen or opening other screen…

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