Open another screen not working on screen 1

Hello I have a big problem when open another screen
In screen one after open another screen show this problem :sob::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I tried open another screen close screen and clock not working!!
The problem appear only in apk not in companion
Please is there any method to fix this problem!

Show your blocks

P.S. set your clock to false when switching screen

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i set it … and try without clock same problem in apk

in screen2 i have player sound maybe this affect open screen ???

Can you try to set Timer Always Fires to false as well


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Not working :sob: last thing I modefied in app :
Add sound player in screen2
Change the package name
Change the version code
Change icon

Since I can’t reproduce this behavior can you post a test aia

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ok via pm please

Of course!!

Worked or not ? … Did you disable timer and always fire from designer part?

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yes working now

disable timers always fire when screen initialize …+ set timers to 1200ms instead of less than 1000ms

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