Open anorther screen dont work

Hello, I’m having trouble opening another screen using the command open another screen.
I’m using the usb connection with the companion.

Try restarting your browser, router, or even clearing your browser’s cache. If not, try this way:


Try the same in compiled apk

It didn’t work I did everything you asked me to

it works but because it didnt work in companion plese

It may be because companion doesn’t support opening and closing screens.
I guess you have to/can check this in apk only

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Companion does support opening and closing screen.

But this issue is really strange! :thinking:

You can try that and let us know the results here @vivekkabra

Try clearing companion app data then try.

I tried it again and it successfully works for me in the companion. Please check this video:


Try switching screens with Companion this way:
switchingScreens.aia (22.0 KB)

i dont understend because in my companion not work . My phone is a20 s from samsung with android 10

Uninstall the Companion app and then reinstall it from Play Store. Try it if this works after re-installing.