Companion not working

While testing an app. I opened Kodular Companion on my phone. And after scanning the QR Code,
A window pops up like this and nothing happens:

Is your mobile and laptop or PC is in the same wifi mode?

Sometime tethering mode also may not work properly

But both must be in the same ip address

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Yes mobile & PC connected on same network
Everything is same

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Check you network connection, clear the cache. Also make sure that there are no heavy assets(size wise) in your project.

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Use Kodular Companion version 1.4 Eagle. 1.4 Eagle working fine.

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If possible reinstall the companion app from the play store

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After reinstalling the companion app still the problem persist mean, then you are having very weak network… other then everything good.

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I am not having weak network
But still problem persists

You are using tethering connection or WiFi connection??

PC network connection with mobile ?
Or Mobile network connection with PC?

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WIFI connection

After reinstalling(fresh install) the app also your problem not gets over?? :thinking:

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Yup, you got the point!

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Size of your app not biggy na, also does not contain any malicious extensions…

If all good mean, network only problem

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All good, No extensions very small app

Kodular works poorly today. my white color does not show. The internet is very good. wired optical fiber.

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  1. Higher asset size (even 1mb file also)


  1. Create a empty app Using create project or go to

  1. Connect it with Companion

  1. Go to the menu open the App which your working on

  1. It connects Successfully


Still not work

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Can I know your Internet speed

Almost 70.0 Mbps

My Companion works in 5 mbps

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